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Main Team Updates

2.12.21- With less than three weeks until the deadline, we’re working hard to get our robot rebuilt and finished. Our planning is done and we are working on our challenges, from designing a game to coding an autonomous system. Check back soon for another update when we’re close to finished. 

1.21.21- FIRST Robotics Competition has kicked off its 2021 season! A new structure allows a COVID-safe competition while we are still able to compete to our best ability. 

We will be able to use the robot we constructed for last year’s season, with some big changes to tailor it to the new challenges. We’re still mostly planning out our route forward but we’re already hard at work. 

We are also planning on hosting a coding event for our whole school in order to give back to our community. Stay tuned for more updates! 

11.3.20- Main Team Update- The team is back in session for the 2020-2021 school year! Although we’ve changed procedure a bit to abide by social distancing guidelines, we’re back in full swing with new members and new goals. 

Unfortunately, the course of the season is altered due to the cancellation of the FIRST competition in March and its unknown future status. However, we’re now able to focus on improving parts of our robot we may not have had time for the first time around and even add new functions and capabilities.

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